BDAA Adapted Equipment

There are millions of standardised items of fishing equipment on the shelves in tackle shops, many of these off the shelf items can be altered slightly to enable a disabled person to fish. For those that require more specialised equipment to participate, we have teamed up with designers and suppliers across the globe to allow everyone to try fishing. More and more disabled people are inventing new and exciting items to enable them to fish independently despite having severe disabilities, BDAA is helping to promote these items to help show you that anything is possible if the will is there.

Most of today's fishing tackle can be adapted to suit an individuals needs and disability, where this is not possible we have agreements with inventors many disabled themselves around the world who have found ways of designing specialised equipment to enable you to enjoy fishing along with non disabled people.

We don't sell these items through BDAA but have agreed with a number of manufacturers and retailers to supply information in order for you to purchase from them directly. There are a number of bespoke items specifically manufactured for disabled anglers, We would recommend that you subscribe to the BDAA to ensure you have all the new updated information sent directly to your email account and visit our Facebook pages for updates. 

We recommend Remap, a charity that makes bespoke aids and equipment for disabled people. You can find your local contact on their website and one of their volunteers may be able to make something just for you! They make no charge for the equipment they supply, although donations are welcome. 01732 760209


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