Access Auditing
Access Auditing

Fisheries and angling clubs often comment to us “we don't get many disabled people here”,  when we do we will improve the access and facilities for them.

The Equality act October 2010 was introduced to end the discrimination that many disabled people face. This Act has been significantly extended, including by the Disability Discrimination Act 2005. Part 3 of the act refers to service providers and access to goods and services such as those supplied by most angling clubs and commercial fisheries who are required to make reasonable adjustments in order to ensure these are accessible to disabled people.

We can help

Our trained and experienced team can provide access audit reports and access planning reviews of fisheries, by constantly reviewing the disability and Equality acts, Building regulations, British standards and utilising the new BDAA Access to angling: best practice guidance for angling incorporating them all into the design and access advice for fisheries, clubs, local authorities in order to help change the angling environment.

By auditing your fishery, club or businesses access and facilities and the way they are provided will enable you to identify areas for improvement, not just physical ones but attitudes, policies forming an action plan for the future. It is also a valuable document for those who do not own their fishery and may need to negotiate with landowners or local authorities to make improvements.

It makes good business and moral sense to provide for the future.

Audit Charges

Item Cost
Access Audit (single lake/river/canal section) £500 + expenses
Access Walk and Talk £250 + expenses
Additional lakes/river/canal sections £250 subject to site evaluation
Access Audit return visits £100 each + expenses
Additional copies of reports £50 each

Note expenses are charged at following:

  • Mileage @ £0.60ppm
  • Accommodation costs where required

Prices correct Jan 2017.


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