Volunteers are the lifeblood of every charity, all of us are out of pocket paid expenses only volunteers ourselves, as a result we don’t always get it right every time. What we do have is dedication and the hunger to develop in order to help more disabled people enjoy fishing. Why not add your details to the volunteers database, when we have an event or task we need help with, your details will be on hand for us to contact you. “volunteer” means a person engaged in an activity which involves spending time, unpaid (except for travel and other approved out-of-pocket expenses), doing something which aims to benefit some third party other than or in addition to a close relative.

Before you can become a volunteer we are required to carry out some background checks, we will provide a self assessment form to be completed and returned to us a in order to work as a volunteer with BDAA, this is a legal requirement to protect both you and that of the vulnerable children and adults you may be working with. We will of course contact the referees that you have listed to vouch for you as a matter of best practice.


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