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PowaWalkeraWalker CargoXT 3-Wheel Electric Trolley

PowaWalkeraWalker CargoXT 3-Wheel Electric Trolley

PowaWalker has now launched a 3-wheeled version of the popular Cargo electric trolley. As you would expect they have thoroughly tested this new product to ensure that it meets their customers` high standards of expectations. It is similar to the 2-wheeld trolley but adds the advantages of extra stability and versatility derived from having a 3rd wheel. Unlike some carrier systems, the CargoXT trolley is designed to accept any box system which can be carried and secured by the use of conventional luggage bungee fasteners. The wheels are designed to be removed if necessary, making the Cargo trolley even more easily transportable. The 2-ply pneumatic tyres are ideal for anyone who wants off-road performance on rugged and diffcult terrain. The quality steel frame is strong and extremely well protected from the elements. It is sandblasted and then powder-coated for maximum weather protection. All moving parts are sealed for life and completely maintenance-free. Available in either BLACK or GREEN and comes complete with battery and charger. This trolley will be delivered to your door directly from the manufacturer - at no extra cost within the UK!

Cost £319.99

Available from PowaWalker Limited


Charity No: 1074729

9 Yew Tree Road
West Midlands

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